Kariba Payroll Outsourcing

Excellent Payroll Outsourcing Service for Small and Medium Enterprises

Kariba Payroll Outsourcing offers Confidential, Legally Compliant Payroll Outsourcing Services at Affordable Fees

Our Payroll Outsourcing Services Include:

  • Data Takeon (FREE of charge)
  • Processing of Monthly Salaries and Weekly or Fortnightly Wages
  • Payment of your Employees’ Salaries via Electronic Funds Transfer
  • Payslips emailed to your Employees
  • Secured Payslips delivered to your door, on time
  • Monthly submission of EMP201 Report to SARS
  • UI19 Report emailed to the Department of Labour (FREE of charge)
  • Employees’ Leave, Loans & Savings, Garnishees and ITA88 Management
  • August and Yearend EMP501 Report Generation and submission to SARS
  • Annual IRP5 and IT3(a) generation
  • Third Party Payment Reports

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