Kariba Planner is an extensive Activity and Time Management Application allowing for powerful Calendar Management.

The System interacts with the Central Contacts Database allowing for

  • Linking of Unlimited Linked Contacts to the Main Contact
  • Linking of frequently used External Files
  • History tracking of important communications with Contacts
  • Recording of the Birthdays of Contacts
  • Normal and Recurring Tasks linking to Contacts per User
  • Appointments Scheduling
  • Messaging – Intranet & Emailing for Out of Office Staff
  • Integration of Email communication with Contacts
  • The Billing Module allows for extensive Time Recording by User, per Contact and by Activity
  • Data Synchronization for Offline Operation

Planner Layout


All Tasks & Activities for a Day are summarised on the Today Screen

  • Tasks can be Contact and/or Activity linked.
  • The original Due Date of a Task is indicated and Tasks can be prioritised.
  • A different Inspirational Quote appears at the bottom of the Screen every time the Planner is opened.
  • Uncompleted Tasks automatically carries over to the Next Day.
  • Completed, Deleted, Moved and Reassigned Tasks appear at the bottom with their relevant Prefixes.
  • Task Types have Prefix Identifiers e.g. s *** for Recurring Tasks, # for Birthdays and <<< for History requiring
  • Follow-up action.
  • The starting times of Appointments for the Day are indicated on the Bottom Left.


Linked Contacts Are all the Contact Details of Staff & other Persons associated with the Main Contact,
recorded as Linked Contacts.
History This Functionality allows for the recording of discussions and other pertinent Information in the
dealings with a Contact e.g. what was promised in respect of Credit Control.
The entries can be allocated a Date for Follow-up Action and also be re-assigned to another User.
Memo Information of a more Static Nature can be recorded under this heading.
External Files Allows for the Linking of frequently used External Files (e.g. Agreements & Control Documents of
Contacts) eliminating the time to find the Files.
Birthdays Record the Birthdays of Business & Private Linked Contacts.
Email History All Outgoing & Incoming Mail associated with the Main Contact are archived against the Contact,
if an Email Address is detected in Planner.

Other Standard Functionalities

Annual Planners Unlimited Annual Planners can be created to control Leave Scheduling and other Planning
of an Annual nature.
Messaging The need for Message Pads are eliminated with the Intranet Messaging System.
Messages can also be Emailed to Out-of-Office Staff.
Access Control Access restrictions can be applied at almost every level. Private Contacts are not accessible
to other Users.
Task Management Create Recurring Tasks of an Annual, Monthly, Weekly and Daily frequency. Tasks are linked
to Users and can also be Contact & Activity linked. Access Right control whether a User may
Move, Re-Assign or Delete Tasks.
Uncompleted Tasks automatically carry over to the Next Day.

Add-On Modules

Billing The Billing Module allows for extensive Time Recording by User, per Contact and by
Detailed Reporting to measure Productivity by User and Control Totals by Contact for
Invoicing purposes.
Data Syncronization The Offline Module allows for Data Synchronisation on reconnecting to the Central Server.

Customised Modules

The System can be customized to cater for Industry specific requirements.