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Kariba Payroll

Kariba TaxCalc

Kariba Payroll offers a Fresh, User-Friendly and Functional approach to Payroll Processing and complies with the latest Statutory Requirements.
Payslip Processing can be done in either Batch Mode or Single Employee Mode. Single Employee Mode provides a full view of all Income and Deduction Calculations along with relevant Employee Information, all on a Single Screen.

Kariba Payroll Features

  • Full-View Payslip Processing
  • Monthly Salaries, Weekly and Fortnightly Wages, Multiple Fortnightly Cycles
  • Loans and Savings Module which also caters for ITA88, Garnishees and Staff Purchases
  • Employee Leave Records
  • Unions’ Deductions
  • Branches, Departments, Cost Centres and Pay Points
  • Monthly and Annual Statutory Reporting: EMP201, EMP501, IRP5 & IT3(a), UI19 and E@syFile
  • Medical Aid Module
  • EFT Transfers by BDB Data Bureau and Commercial Banks
  • Unlimited Income and Deduction Sources
  • Flexible Configuration of Income and Deduction Sources
  • General and Termination Notes per Employee
  • Employee-Specific and Global Payslip Notes
  • Recurring and Once-Off Additional Tax Deductions
  • Retirement Benefits Module
Kariba TaxCalc is a free Windows Desktop Tax Calculator